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McGeoch LED Rail Lighting Fast Search Facility

McGeoch has developed a comprehensive, highly cost effective and environmentally friendly range of LED lighting to illuminate railway carriage ceilings, walls, steps, toilets and vestibules. Already installed and proven in rolling stock by several major rail operating companies, our new range of LED Rail Lighting is providing an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional fluorescent lighting and, quite simply, brightening up the way their rail travellers travel. Our new range also includes LED junction, trackside, pit lane and harsh area lighting - rugged, completely weatherproof and ideal for night-time illumination and maintenance operations as well as those in the very darkest pit lanes of loco sheds. Our new website provides extensive information on the wide range of products and services available from McGeoch LED Rail Lighting. If you haven't already found exactly what you are looking for, simply type it below . . .

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