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The key to McGeoch’s manufacturing services is flexibility with all aspects of operation centred in Birmingham, UK. This provides a complementary route to support the rest of the business and allows all our electrical and electronic equipment to be designed, manufactured and assembled completely ‘in-house’ and all under one roof. In this and several other linked pages, we have demonstrated our complete manufacturing capability in a series of short video clips. Please click on the relevant links of this page to view them. Our wide range of manufacturing services includes ... Fabrication & Finishing Light to medium sheet metal and fabrication services capable of high quality tolerance machining in a wide range of materials. Capability to punch or laser cut aluminium, brass, copper and mild steel sheet in thicknesses from 0.4mm to 5mm and stainless steel from 0.4mm to 3mm. Amada Laser 1.5 kW. LVD Punch Press P1212 (20 Ton) 150 Ton APHS 3108 PressBrake Lantek CAD/CAM system specially designed for automating the programming of sheet metal cutting and punching machines. Capability to produce one-off items as well as mass produced items. MIG, TIG & Resistance Welding of Stainless Steel, Mild Steel & Aluminium CNC Turning & Milling machinery Mazak Multifeed Lathe Mazak Vertical Milling 1 Mazak Vertical Milling 2 Mazak Vertical Milling 3 Fully enclosed in-house painting facility supporting both wet paint and powder coating systems and both fully to MOD specifications. Component Washing, Masking & Powder Coating Specialist Paint Mixing & Spraying Electro Mechanical Assembly Full product build service from concept to manufacture Product Testing Engineering Support Team Vast product scope ranging from Lighting to Electrical Switchboards PCB Assembly Production of specialist LED Lighting to include Hazardous Areas Electrical Component Assembly Cable & Wiring Solutions Manufacture, supply and repair of aircraft looms Ruggedised connector solutions Survey & Repairs Repair service Dedicated team of specialist engineers to advise
Amada Laser 1.5 kW - Sheet Metal Laser Cutting
LVD Punch Press P1212 (20 Ton) Sheet Metal Punching
150 Ton APHS 3108 Brake Press Component Fabrication
TIG Welding, Fettling & Polishing
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McGeoch specialises in the design, engineering, manufacturing, project management and installation of electrical and electronic equipment for marine vessels and submarines. From our headquarters in Birmingham, UK, we offer a wide range of Manufacturing Services ...
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