Delhi Metro Rail Corporation RS9 Project

In the ongoing success and increasing worldwide industry awareness of our range of LED rail lighting products and services, McGeoch has worked alongside Bangalore-based BEML to design and manufacture an LED lighting system for 162 new cars in Delhi’s Metro Rail System . . . New Delhi Metro is India’s largest and most successful rapid transit system carrying nearly 1 billion passengers a year and ranked in the top 15 in the world by track length. DMRC is recognised as leading the way to a new era in the sphere of mass urban transportation in India. With state of the art carriages DMRC has introduced comfortable, air conditioned and eco-friendly services for the first time in India and completely revolutionized the mass transportation in the National Capital Region and now acts as a role model for the entire country. Today DMRC has 216 train sets in service made up of four, six and eight coaches; more than a hundred trains of six coach configuration and over 60 trains of eight coach configuration are currently operational. In the next few years expansion of 50% is planned to circa 1.5 billion passengers a year by 2016 with state of the art carriages. The RS9 Project The RS9 Project is a 162 new car line extension built in Bangalore by BEML and includes installation for the first time in India of high energy efficiency interior carriage LED lighting with latest generation features such as automatic dimming. The Design Team McGeoch worked alongside BEML to design and manufacture an LED lighting system to meet project specifications and custom design a fitting to satisfy the requirements of the end user, The design was followed up by extensive prototype development and testing to ensure complete fit with end user expectations Lighting Design The ceiling raft design comprised of parallel strip lights offering a uniform illumination across the carriage; the lighting system is driven from a bespoke 110V power supply. A control system was introduced which allows lights to be dimmed at pre-determined levels and controls the output of the lights; the system is sensor controlled enabling automatic dimming whilst the train is in motion with significant additional energy savings. The contemporary design not only offers an improved quality of light but is also aesthetically pleasing and enhances the new modern look of the vehicle; a retro-fit option is also available. LED Lighting System in Build Phase Lighting Control Sensor in Situ Summary of LED benefits: Instant on No flicker Reliability No maintenance Power saving in excess of 50% Automatic dimming facility Resistance to shock and vibration Better quality of light Delhi Metro has also become the first ever Metro and Railway system in the world to be registered with the prestigious Gold Standard foundation, which is a globally accepted certification standard for carbon mitigation projects. The introduction of LED lighting with more than 50% energy savings significantly compliments their green initiative and demonstrates their continuing commitment to the environment that is major priority for the India of the future. Share This Blog
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